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Community participation is a critical part of our strategy.  The more rewards there are in place for drug free teens, the more they do NOT want to miss out on DFCA membership.  Once they join for rewards they automatically become armed with the excuse of "I can't, I might get tested" to escape drug-related situations.  Won't you help us??

Please use the form below to submit a reward from your company, or download a form here

Thank you for your participation!


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* The following “Community Reward” offer(s) may be made to through DFCA to its members as our way of helping teens continue to make the right choice:
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Simply showing Valid photo ID Club Card - Issued by DFCA at time of membership
presenting a printed coupon or voucher with Valid Club Card
DFCA may produce this voucher
we will produce the voucher
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1. I have the authority to present this offer as detailed on this agreement
2. I am not relying upon any promise, or representation of return other than as previously stated.
3. The above reward offer will remain in place until a written request is made, upon which time any parties involved will comply with the request within two calendar weeks.
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