Drug Free Clubs of America


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“I support Drug Free Clubs of America 100% and I believe that these Clubs result in less kids experimenting with or becoming addicted to drugs.”    

-US DEA Special Agent Mark Simala , 15 year veteran


“Their programs are well thought out and certainly would benefit any school or community wanting to implement them.”

-Jay DeWispelaere, President/CEO of PRIDE Youth Programs


“Drug Free Clubs is refreshing in that it rewards students and youth for making healthy, substance free decisions.  Celebrating such life decisions was a major determining variable with our faculty and parent community in selecting your program.”

-Michael Clines, Covington Diocese Superintendent –Richard Flesch, Personal Counselor


"This is one club that ALL parents should encourage their kids to join!"

-Jeannie Cain, Member's Parent (via Facebook)


"A student being able to say NO is huge and courageous, but being able to say "I can't" seems to be less strenuous for our teenagers."

-Mike Young, Athletic Director, Wheeling Central Catholic


"I contend that our local schools can see a new vitality in the student body when they examine the positive attributes which the program brings to the daily environment surrounding the students."

-Thomas Burgoyne, Retired Sheriff, Ohio County, WV



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