Drug Free Clubs of America

How it works...

FINALLY!  A true PREVENTION PLAN for teens to rely on to remain drug free and GET REWARDED for it!

It works because it is just so easy! 

1. Getting in:  With a parent's consent students complete a simple and private drug test.  Great care is taken to make sure it is done in a confidential and discrete manner when the school opens their club.  When the test result shows that students are drug free, they become members! 

2. Power to the Parents: All test results are kept strictly between Drug Free Clubs of America and parents.  Schools never get test results so they have no record of, or responsibility for, disciplinary actions related to the Club.  Parents then can focus on their child's health rather than secondary damages. Parents are automatically enrolled in our "Take 5" program that provides them with key opportunities to work drug-related talking points into their casual dialogue with their teen.  These prompts are based on specific program moments like receiving our brochure from the school, taking the test, being accepted into the program, etc.  "Take 5" empowers parents with ideal moments to have EASY conversations about drugs in a way that is not awkward or accusatory.

Parents Make A Bigger Impact!

3. Reaping the Rewards of Staying Drug Free: Once a student passes the initial drug test they are accepted into the Club with a full-color photo ID "Club Card".  Since drug test results are private, the Club Card is how everyone knows who is participating.  Members show their card at school and businesses for rewards designed just for them like special deals, perks and proveliges that other students are not eligible.  Schools and local groups get to focus strictly on recognizing teens for healthy decisions, creating the perfect environment for growing an encouraging school and community culture.  As an added benefit, the DFCA Club Card is a great tool to impress employers, colleges, and scholarship boards!  

Good Choices Get Rewarded!

4. Creating "an out": Retesting of random members occurs several times throughout the school year.  This is the backbone of the DFCA prevention strategy.  Members who find themselves in a drug-related situation can say, "I can't, I might get tested" since a drug test can pop up at any time.  TEENS NEED A PLAN FOR THE REALITY THAT THEY ARE LIKELY TO FACE A MOMENT LIKE THIS and Drug Free Clubs keeps them safe!  As long as members remain drug free, they keep their Club Card and continue to reap the rewards! 

Members Have The Power To Say, “I can’t, I might get tested.”

5. Side Effects: Not only do DFCA members have a the safety net of drug testing to fall back on, AND they get to enjoy rewards, but members have also reported that since others SEE them getting rewarded the peers who used to offer substances do not even bother to offer anymore.  Members are able to identify other like-minded students who are in the Club, and students who may not have ever had anythiing else in common before now know that they may be more alike than they thought.



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