Drug Free Clubs of America

Kyle Stevens - Founder, Board of Directors


• 1997 Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Safety and Risk Management from Eastern Kentucky University.



• 1997-2004 Safety Director for EGC Construction located in Newport, Kentucky.

• 1998-Present Founding partner and co-owner of Safety Solutions of Kentucky LLC., located in Hebron, Kentucky; an occupational safety and health company specializing in occupational drug screens.

• 2000-Present Served as a Firefighter for the Cincinnati Fire Department until promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2005.

• 2004-Present Founding partner and Director of Operations for Drug Free Clubs of America, a federal non-profit drug prevention organization based on rewarding students for choosing to remain drug free.

• 2004-Present Serves on the Executive Board of Directors for Drug Free Clubs of America.

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