Drug Free Clubs of America

Joseph D. Newcomb - Founder, Board of Directors President

When I was first approached with a hazy premise for this club, I thought that the idea had merit.  Throughout my career as a firefighter I personally had witnessed several teens and young adults who had overdosed. Some were able to be saved while others weren't as fortunate. I've seen every type of death imaginable, but the most heart wrenching is that of a child who has overdosed.  At the fire house, I personally witnessed firemen's families get torn apart because of a family members drug use. But to be honest, I got sick and tired of watching the news every night and seeing at least half of it devoted to stories with a drug abuse base.

As more grandkids came about and got older I couldn't imagine one of them having to go through something like the horrors that I had witnessed especially knowing that I might be able to make a difference.  Not all of the businesses I was involved in were successful, but fortunately I had more successes than failures.  All of my children escaped their teen years without any real threats to their futures, and have become successes in their own ways.  I have been blessed in my life to have the opportunity to follow the paths I see fit.  What I want now is for all children to have a chance at success.  Drugs are the biggest threat to that.

So, my mission was clear to me. I have been given financial resources.  Use them. Through my many endeavors I have gained knowledge, experience and contacts.  Use them.   Assemble the perfect team to make this all happen and - use them to their fullest.
Now, almost $ 800,000.00 later, I believe in our mission more than ever before.  I believe in the idea but most importantly, I believe in the people that are committed to seeing this through.


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